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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Jack Brookshire

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. 2006, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.S. 2000, B.S. 1997, Oregon State University. Biogeochemistry and ecosystem analysis with emphasis on nutrient cycling and limitation. Interests include: ecosystem response and feedback to atmospheric and climate variation; watershed biogeochemistry; plant-soil interactions; natural abundance isotope analysis; ecosystem modeling; global change.

Recent Publications:

  • Gerber, S. and E.N.J. Brookshire. 2014. Scaling of physical constraints at the root-soil interface to macroscopic patterns of nutrient retention in ecosystems. The American Naturalist 183:418-430

  • Brookshire, E.N.J. and S.A. Thomas. 2013. Ecosystem consequences of tree monodominance for nitrogen cycling in lowland tropical forest. PLoS ONE 8(7): e70491. doi: 10.1371/ journal.pone. 0070491.

  • Brookshire, E.N.J., L.O. Hedin, J.D. Newbold, D.M. Sigman, and J.K. Jackson.  2012. Sustained losses
    of bioavailable nitrogen from montane tropical forests. Nature Geoscience 5: 123-126.

  • Brookshire, E.N.J., S. Gerber, D.N.L. Menge, and L.O. Hedin.  2012. Large losses of inorganic nitrogen
    from tropical rainforests suggest a lack of nitrogen limitation.  Ecology letters 15: 9-16.

  • Brookshire, E.N.J., S. Gerber, J.R. Webster, J. Vose, and W. Swank.2011Directeffects of temperature on forest nitrogen cycling revealed through analysis of long-term watershed records. Global Change Biology 17:297-308. (Recommended on Faculty of 1000 Biology)

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