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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling


John E. Dore

Associate Research Professor; Ph.D. 1995, University of Hawaii at Manoa; B.S.1987, University of California Berkeley. Aquatic biogeochemistry and microbial ecology; nutrient cycling and ecological stoichiometry; stable isotope biogeochemistry; greenhouse gases; effects of climate variability on aquatic ecosystems; applied phycology and microbiology.

Recent Publications:

  • Dore, J. E., R. Lukas, D. W. Sadler, M. J. Church, and D. M. Karl. 2009. Physical and biogeochemical modulation of ocean acidification in the central North Pacific. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106: 12235-12240.
  • Dore, J. E., R. M. Letelier, M. J. Church, R. Lukas, and D. M. Karl. 2008. Summer phytoplankton blooms in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre: Historical perspective and recent observations.  Progress in Oceanography. 76: 2-38.
  • Priscu, J. C., B. C. Christner, J. E. Dore, M. B. Westley, B. N. Popp, K. L. Casciotti, and W. B. Lyons. 2008. Supersaturated N2O in a perennially ice-covered Antarctic lake: Molecular and stable isotopic evidence for a biogeochemical relict. Limnology and Oceanography. 53 (In press).
  • Priscu, J. C., E. A. Adams, H. W. Paerl, C. H. Fritsen, J. E. Dore, J. T. Lisle, C. F. Wolf, and J. Mikucki. 2005. Perennial Antarctic lake ice: a refuge for cyanobacteria in an extreme environment. p. 22-49, In J. D. Castello and S. O. Rogers (eds.) Life in Ancient Ice, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Dore, J. E., R. Lukas, D. W. Sadler, and D. M. Karl. 2003. Climate-driven changes to the atmospheric CO2 sink in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean. Nature. 424: 754-757.
  • Dore, J. E., J. R. Brum, L. M. Tupas, and D. M. Karl. 2002. Seasonal and interannual variability in sources of nitrogen supporting export in the oligotrophic subtropical North Pacific Ocean. Limnology and Oceanography. 47: 1595-1607.
  • Popp, B. N., M. B. Westley, S. Toyoda, T. Miwa, J. E. Dore, N. Yoshida, T. M. Rust, F. J. Sansone, M. E. Russ, N. E. Ostrom, and P. Ostrom. 2002. Nitrogen and oxygen isotopomeric constraints on the origins and sea-to-air flux of N2O in the oligotrophic subtropical North Pacific gyre. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 16: 1064-1073.

Recent Grants:

  • Collaborative research: The Hawaii Ocean Time-series program: biogeochemistry and ecology component. National Science Foundation, Biological and Chemical Oceanography Programs.(D. M. Karl, P.I.; R.R. Bidigare and J. E. Dore, co-P.I.s). 09/15/2003 07/31/2009. $5,332,083.
  • Optimization of intrinsic factors affecting market value of Spirulina. United States Department of Agriculture, Hawaii Aquaculture Program. (J. E. Dore, P.I.). 10/01/03– 07/31/05. $49,329.
  • Acquisition of a stable isotope mass spectrometer for earth science research. National Science Foundation, Major Research Instrumentation Program. (B. N. Popp, P.I.; C. R. Benitez-Nelson, F. J. Sansone, J. E. Dore and R.R. Bidigare, co-P.I.s). 09/15/2002 – 08/31/2004. $300,000.
  • Biogeochemical controls on inorganic carbon system variability in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean. National Science Foundation, Chemical Oceanography Program. (J. E. Dore, P.I.). 09/01/2001 – 07/31/2005. $184,900.
  • The Hawaii Ocean Time-series program: JGOFS component (renewal). National Science Foundation, Biological and Chemical Oceanography Programs. (D. M. Karl, P.I.; D. V. Hebel and J. E. Dore, co-P.I.s). 08/01/2001 – 07/31/2003. $1,500,000.

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