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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Rick L. Lawrence

Professor, Director Spatial Sciences Center; Ph.D. 1998, M.S. 1995, Oregon State University; J.D. 1979, Columbia; B.A. 1976, Claremont McKenna College. Teaching and research programs in the use and application of remote sensing, geographic information systems, and spatial technologies in managed and natural ecosystems.

Recent Publications:

  • Long, J.A., R.L. Lawrence, P.R. Miller, and L.A. Marshall.  2014.  Changes in Field-Level Cropping Sequences: Indicators of Shifting Agricultural Practices.  Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 189:11-20.
  • Porter, T.F., C. Chen, J.A. Long, R.L. Lawrence, and B.F. Sowell.  2014.  Estimating biomass on CRP pastureland: A comparison of remote sensing techniques.  Biomass and Bioenergy 66:268-274.
  • Olexa, E.M., and R.L. Lawrence.  2014.  Performance and effects of land cover type on synthetic surface reflectance data and NDVI estimates for assessment and monitoring of semi-arid rangeland. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 30:30-41.
  • Johnson, J.E., J.A. Shaw, R.L. Lawrence, P.W. Nugent, J.A. Hogan, L.M. Dobeck, and L.H. Spangler.  2014.  Comparison of long-wave infrared imaging and visible/near-infrared imaging of vegetation for detecting leaking CO2 gas.  IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 7:1-7.
  • Vsevolozhskaya, O.A., M.A. Greenwood, G.J. Bellante, S.L. Powell, R.L. Lawrence, and K.S. Repasky.  2013.  Combining functions and the closure principle for performing follow-up tests in functional analysis of variance.  Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 67:175-184.
  • Long J.A., R.L. Lawrence, M.C. Greenwood, L. Marshall, and P.R. Miller.  2013.  Object-oriented crop classification using multitemporal ETM+ SLC-off imagery and random forest.  GIScience & Remote Sensing 50:418-436.
  • Lawrence, R.L., and J. Jewett.  2013.  Remote sensing reveals relationships among whitebark pine, bark beetles and climate variability, pp. 66-67 in R.L. Dodge and R.G. Congalton, Meeting Environmental Challenges with Remote Sensing Imagery, American Geosciences Institute, Alexandria, VA.
  • Bellante, G.J., S.L. Powell, R.L. Lawrence, K.S. Repasky, T.A.O. Dougher.  2013.  Aerial detection of a simulated CO2 leak from a geologic sequestration site using hyperspectral imagery.  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 13:124-137.
  • Johnson, J.E., J.A. Shaw, R. Lawrence, P.W. Nugent, L.M. Dobeck, and L.H. Spangler.  2012.  Long-wave infrared imaging of vegetation for detecting leaking CO2 gas.  Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 6:063612-1-9.
  • Hogan, J.A., J.A. Shaw, and R.L. Lawrence.  2012.  Detection of leaking CO2 gas with vegetation reflectances measured by a low-cost multi-spectral imager.  IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 5:699-706.
  • Savage, S., R. Lawrence, S. Custer, J. Jewett, S. Powell, and J. Shaw.  2012.  Analyzing change in Yellowstone’s terrestrial emittance with Landsat imagery.  GIScience and Remote Sensing 49:317-345.
  • Hogan, J.A., J.A. Shaw, R.L. Lawrence, and R.M. Larimer.  2012.  Low-cost multispectral imaging system for detecting leaking CO2 gas.  Applied Optics 51:A59-A66.
  • Baril, L.M., A.J. Hansen, R. Renkin, and R.L. Lawrence, 2011.  Bird response to increased willow (Salix spp.) growth in Yellowstone's Northern Range   Ecological Applications 21:2283-2296.
  • Landenberger, R., M. Patterson, R. Sivanpillai, and R. Lawrence, 2011.  AmericaView: Promoting remote sensing science and technology through cooperative partnerships.  Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 77:969-974.
  • Jewett, J., R. Lawrence, L. Marshall, P. Gessler, S. Powell, and S. Savage.  2011.  Spatiotemporal relationships between climate and whitebark pine mortality in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Forest Science 57:320-335.
  • Campos, J., R. Lawrence, B. McGlynn, and K. Gardner.  2011.  Using Quickbird and Landsat imagery to analyze temporal changes in mountain resort development: Big Sky, Montana 1990-2005.  Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 5:053541.
  • Watts, J.D., R.L. Lawrence, P.R. Miller, and C. Montagne, 2011.  An estimation of soil carbon sequestration resulting from no-till, cropping intensity, and conservation reserve practices with north central Montana.  Climate Change 108:301-331.
  • Savage, S., R. Lawrence, S. Custer, J. Jewett, S. Powell, and J. Shaw.  2010.  Review of alternative methods for estimating terrestrial emittance and geothermal heat flux for Yellowstone National Park using Landsat imagery.  GIScience and Remote Sensing 47:460-479.
  • Watts, J.D., S.L. Powell, R.L. Lawrence, and T. Hilker.  2010.  Conservation tillage classification through Random Forest analyses using high temporal Landsat, MODIS, and STARFM-derived synthetic Landsat imagery.  Remote Sensing of Environment 115:66-75.
  • Campos, N., R. Lawrence, B. McGlynn, and K. Gardner, 2010. Effects of LiDAR-Quickbird Fusion on Object-oriented classification of Mountain Resort Development. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 4:043556.
  • Seielstad, G.A., D.E. Clay, K. Dalsted, R.L. Lawrence, D.R. Olsen, and Z. Zhang, 2010. Providing Precision Crop and Range Protection in the U.S. Northern Great Plains, pp. 367-384 in Precision Crop Protection--the Challenge and Use of Heterogeneity, E. Oerke, R. Gerhards, G. Menz, and R Sikora, editors.  Springer Verlag, New York.
  • Powell, S.L., R.L. Lawrence, C. Sommers Austin, and S. Driscoll, 2010.  A flexible approach to help overcome limitation of moderate resolution satellite imagery for mapping invasive saltcedar on the Bighorn River, Montana.  Journal of Terrestrial Observation 2(2):4.
  • Savage, S., and R. Lawrence, 2010.  Vegetation dynamics in Yellowstone’s northern range: 1985-1999. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 76:547-556.
  • Rouse, J.H., J.A. Shaw, R.L. Lawrence, J.L. Lewicki, L.M. Dobeck, K.S. Repasky, and L.H. Spangler, 2010.  Multi-spectral imaging of vegetation for detecting CO2 leaking from underground.  Environmental Earth Sciences 60:313-323.

Recent Grants:

  • Bioenergy Alliance Network for the Rockies, USDA. 2013-2018. $663,494.
  • Mapping Lynx Habitat with Landsat and Radarsat Imagery. USFS. 2012-2017. $348,000
  • Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership PHASE III: Terrestrial Sequestration. DOE. 2011-2014. $100,000
  • Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership PHASE III: Geologic Sequestration. DOE. 2011-2019. $280,000
  • StateView Program for the State of Montana. USGS. 2013-2018. $125,000

Current Instructional Responsibilities:

  • GPHY 426 - Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing (Fall)
  • NRSM 430/LRES 530 - Natural Resource Law (Spring)
  • GPHY 429/LRES 525 - Applied Remote Sensing (Spring)

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