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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Erik A. Lehnhoff

Assistant Research Professor Ph.D., May 2008, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Montana State University;. M.S., 1994, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tennessee Technological University; B.S., 1993, Civil Engineering, Clemson University. Agroecology with emphasis on ecological weed management and fitness costs of herbicide resistance in weeds; ecological impacts of invasive plant species including altered soil chemistry, effects on plant community composition, and multitrophic interactions ranging from fungi to pollinators.

Recent Publications:

  • Lehnhoff, EA, FD Menalled. Published online, November 2012. Impacts of Tamarix-mediated soil changes on restoration plant growth. Applied Vegetation Science.
  • Murray, JV, EA Lehnhoff, P Neve, SL Poggio and BL Webber.  2012. ‘Raising the bar’: improving the standard and utility of weed and invasive plant research. New Phytologist 196:678-680.
  • Lehnhoff, EA, LJ Rew, C Zabinski and FD Menalled. 2012. Reduced impact or longer lag phase? Tamarix in the northwestern United States. Wetlands 32:497-508.
  • Lehnhoff, EA, Menalled, FD and Rew, LJ. 2011. Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) establishment in its most northern range. Invasive Plant Science and Management 4:58-65
  • Maxwell, BD, Lehnhoff, EA and Rew, LJ. 2009. The rationale for monitoring invasive plant populations as a crucial step for management. Invasive Plant Science and Management 1:1-9.

Recent Grants:

  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA). 2012.$150,000. Investigating multi-trophic interactions between invasive plants and insects to enhance native forage production on western rangeland. Mangold, J, EA Lehnhoff, L Burkle and J. Littlefield.
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA). 2012.  $500,000. Molecular, physiological, and ecological characterization of multiple herbicide resistance in Avena fatua. Dyer, WE, FD Menalled, BD Maxwell, EA Lehnhoff and B Keith.
  • Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund. 2010. $29,370. Saltcedar effects on mycorrhizal fungal communities and screening of native species for use in restoration of saltcedar degraded sites. Lehnhoff, EA, Zabinski, C, Lavin, M, Rew, LJ, Menalled, FD and Galli-Noble, E.

Recent Teaching:

  • LRES/SFBS 480 – Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Production (Fall 2010)
  • LRES 543 – Ecology  of Plants and Plant Communities (Fall 2012)
  • CLS 101 – Knowledge and Community (Fall 2010, 2011, 2012)

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