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Jane Mangold

Associate Professor; Ph.D. 2004, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University; M.S. 1997, Abused Land Rehabilitation, Montana State University; B.S. 1994, Biology with Secondary Education Certification, Iowa State University. Development and dissemination of information about ecologically-based, integrated invasive plant management for range and wild lands. Emphasis on restoration/revegetation of invasive plant-infested landscapes.

Recent Publications:

  • Ehlert, K.A., J.M. Mangold, and R.E. Engel. 2014.  Integrating the herbicide imazapic and the fungal pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda to control Bromus tectorum. Weed Research 54:418-424.
  • Mangold, J., H. Parkinson, C. Duncan, P. Rice, E. Davis, and F. Menalled.  2013. Controlling downy brome (Bromus tectorum) with imazapic on Montana rangeland.  Invasive Plant Science and Management. 6:554-558.
  • Mangold, J. and A. Lansverk.  2013.  Testing control options for Tragopogon dubius on Conservation Reserve Programs lands.  Weed Technology 27:509-514.
  • Orloff, N., Z.J. Miller, F.D. Menalled, M.E. Burrows, and J.M. Mangold.  2013.  Joint impacts of biological and environmental stressors on Bromus tectorum growth.  Weed Research 53:192-200.
  • Orloff, L.N., J.M. Mangold, and F.D. Menalled.  2013.  Role of size and nitrogen in competition between annual and perennial grasses.  Invasive Plant Science and Management 6:87-98.
  • Taylor, R.V., M.L. Pokorny, J. Mangold, and N. Rudd.  2013.  Can a combination of grazing, herbicides, and seeding facilitate succession in old fields?  Ecological Restoration 31:141-143.
  • Mangold, J.  2012.  Ecological restoration using EBIPM.  Rangelands 34:39-43.
  • Mangold, J.M.  2012.  Revegetation: Using Current Technologies and Ecological Knowledge to Manage Site Availability, Species Availability, and Species Performance, in Invasive Plant Ecology and Management:  Linking Processes to Practice, [Eds. Thomas Monaco and Roger Sheley].  CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK.  Pp. 176-195.
  • Rinella, M.J., J.M.  Mangold, E.K. Espeland, R.L. Sheley, and J.S. Jacobs.  2012.  Long term dynamics of seeded plants in invaded grasslands.  Ecological Applications 22:1320-1329.
  • Fansler, V.A. and J.M. Mangold.  2011.  Restoring native plants to crested wheatgrass stands.  Restoration Ecology 19:16-23.
  • Pokorny, M.L., J.M. Mangold, K. Denny, and J. Hafer.  2010.  Managing spotted knapweed (Centaurea biebersteinii) infested rangeland after wildfire.  Invasive Plant Science and Management 3:183-189.
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  • Mangold, J.M. and R.L. Sheley. 2008. Controlling performance of bluebunch wheatgrass and spotted knapweed using nitrogen and sucrose amendments. Western North American Naturalist 68(2):129-137.
  • Young, K. and J. Mangold. 2008. Medusahead outperforms squirreltail through interference and growth rate. Invasive Plant Science and Management 1:73-81.
  • Mangold, J.M., J.J. James, and R.L. Sheley. 2007. Presence of soil surface depressions increases water uptake by native grass seeds. Ecological Restoration 25(4):278-279.
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  • Pokorny, M.L. and J.M. Krueger-Mangold. 2007. Evaluating the success of Montana’s Dyer’s Woad (Isatis tinctoria) Cooperative Eradication Program. Weed Technology 21:262-269.
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