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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Fabian D. Menalled

Professor; Ph.D. 1996, University of Massachusetts; B.S. 1985, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cropland Weed Specialist. Research and extension focused on integrated management of agricultural weeds. Understanding the mechanisms conditioning the abundance and distribution of annual and perennial weeds in agricultural systems. Weed population and community dynamics, crop-weed competition, herbicide resistance, and weed management in conventional and alternative cropping systems.

Recent Publications:

  • Miller, Z.; F. Menalled, U.M. Sainju, A.W. Lenssen, and P.G. Hatfield.  In Press.  Effects of targeted sheep grazing and diversifying crop rotation on spring wheat yields and weed pressure.  Agronomy Journal.
  • Miller, Z., F. Menalled, D. Ito, M. Moffet, and M. Burrows.  In Press.  Impacts of crop variety and time of inoculation on the susceptibility and tolerance of winter wheat to Wheat streak mosaic virus.  Plant Disease.
  • Liebman, M., Z. Miller, C. Williams, P.R. Westerman, P.M. Dixon, A. Heggenstaller, A.S. Davis, F.D. Menalled, and D.N. Sundberg.  2014. Fates of Setaria faberi and Abutilon theophrasti seeds in three crop rotation systems.  Weed Research 54:293-306.
  • Mangold, J., H. Parkinson, C. Duncan, P. Rice, E. Davis, and F. Menalled. 2013. Controlling downy brome (Bromus tectorum) with imazapic on Montana rangeland.  Invasive Plant Science and Management 6:554-558.
  • Lehnhoff, E. and F. Menalled. 2013. Impacts of Tamarix-mediated soil changes on restoration plant growth.  Applied Vegetation Science 16:438-447.
  • Lehnhoff, E., B. K. Keith, W. E. Dyer, R. K. Peterson, and F. Menalled. 2013. Characterization of multiple herbicide resistance in wild oat (Avena fatua) and its impacts on physiology, germinability, and seed production. Agronomy Journal 105:854-862.
  • Orloff, N., Z.J. Miller, F.D. Menalled, M.E. Burrows, and J.M. Mangold. 2013.  Joint impacts of biological and environmental stressors on Bromus tectorum growth. Weed Research 53:192-200.
  • Lehnhoff, E. , B. Keith, W. Dyer, and F. Menalled. 2013. Does multiple herbicide resistance modify crop-weed competitive interactions? Impact of biotic and abiotic stresses on multiple herbicide resistant wild oat (Avena fatua) in competition with wheat (Triticum aestivum).  PLoS ONE 8(5): e64478. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0064478.
  • Davis P., B. Maxwell, and F. Menalled. 2013.  Impact of growing conditions on the competitive ability of Camelina sativa (L.) Crants (Camelina). Canadian Journal of Plant Sciences 93: 243-247.
  • Miller, Z., M. Burrows, and F. Menalled. 2013. Winter annual grassy weeds increase disease induced overwinter mortality in fall-sown cereals. Weed Research 53:102-109.
  • Orloff, N., J. Mangold, and F. Menalled.  2013.  Role of size and nitrogen in competition between annual and perennial grasses.  Invasive Plant Science and Management 6:87:-98.

Recent Grants:

  • Targeted grazing to reduce tillage in organic dryland systems: Environmental, ecological, and economic assessment of reintegrating animal and crop production. USDA - OREI.  Menalled, F., P. Carr, P. Hatfield, P. Miller, D. Weaver, M. Burrows, R. Engle, A. Bekkerman, J. Boles, Z. Miller, R. Quinn, L. Burkle, K. O’Neill, G. Gramig, and K. Ringwall. $1,499,815
  • Integrated management of mite-transmitted cereal viruses. USDA – PMAP.  Burrows, M., F. Menallled, Z. Miller, R. Peterson, A. Bekkerman and B. Jacobsen. $213,658 
  • Optimizing efficacy of downy brome (Bromus tectorum) biocontrol in crops and rangelands: integration and implementation. USDA - WRIPM.  Menalled, F., Z. Miller, J. Mangold, and A. Dyer.  $98,600
  • A predictive model to increase adoption of IPM of a mite-virus disease complex in wheat. USDA – AFRI Food Security. Hein, G., S. Wegulo, J. Bradshaw, A. Zygielbaum, D. Namuth-Covert, D. Lyon, D., Golick, C. Rush, F., Workneh, M. Burrows, I. Grimberg, F. Menalled, Z. Miller, E. DeWolf, F. Epplin, R. Hunger, K. Kelsey, S. Tatineni, R. French, R. Graybosch, N. Tisserat. $3,375,000. (Total allocated to MSU: $815,000).
  • Molecular, physiological, and ecological characterization of multiple herbicide resistance in Avena fatua. USDA – AFRI Foundational Program.  Dyer, W., F. Menalled, B. Maxwell, B. Keith, E. Lehnhoff, and R.
  • Reducing tillage intensity in organic crop systems: ecological and economic impacts of targeted sheep grazing on cover crops and weed management, soil health, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions organic transition.  USDA – Organic Transition Programs. Hatfield, P., F. Menalled, U. Sainju, P. Miller, A. Bekkerman, P. Lachapelle, Z. Miller, and A. Lenssen. $742,907

Current Instructional Responsibilities:

  • Develop and deliver a research-based extension program on integrated weed management in agricultural settings.

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