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Department Head:

Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Cliff Montagne

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. 1976, M.S. 1971, Montana State University; B.S. 1969, Dartmouth College. Soil, landscape and land-use relationships; Holistic Management; sustainable approaches to natural and human resource management; development of effective teaching/learning techniques; recognition and application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Native Science. Director of BioRegions Programs with projects in Mongolia, Russian Altai Republic, and US.

Recent Publications:

  • Barber, L. M.,  R. K. D. Peterson,  C. Montagne,  W. P. Inskeep, and  J. J. Schleier III. 2009.A Dietary Risk Assessment for Indigenous Consumption of Natural Salt Deposits in the Darhad Valley, Northern Mongolia. Human and Ecological Risk
    Assessment. 15:5, 907 – 922.
  • Sankey, T. S., J. B. Sankey, K. T. Weber, and C. Montagne. 2009. Geospatial assessment of grazing regime shifts and sociopolitical changes in a Mongolian rangeland. Rangeland Ecol Manage 62:522–530.
  • Watts, J.D., R.L. Lawrence, P.R. Miller, and C. Montagne, 2011.  An estimation of soil carbon sequestration resulting from no-till, cropping intensity, and conservation reserve practices with north central Montana.  Climate Change108:301-331.
  • Watts, J. D., R. L. Lawrence, P. M. Miller, and C. Montagne. 2009. Monitoring of cropland practices for carbon sequestration purposes in north central Montana by Landsat remote sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (2009) 1843–1852.
  • McIlroy, S.K.,  C. Montagne, C. A. Jones and B. L. McGlynn. 2008. Identifying linkages between land use, geomorphology, and aquatic habitat in a mixed-use watershed. Environmental Management, Volume 42, Number 5.
  • Baker, C., R. Lawrence, C. Montagne, and D. Patten. 2006. Mapping wetlands and riparian areas using Landsat ETM+ imagery and decision tree-based models. Wetlands. 26:465-474.
  • Tsagaan Sankey, T., C. Montagne, L. Graumlich, R. Lawrence, and J. Nielsen. 2006. 20th Century forest-grassland ecotone shift in Montana under differing livestock grazing pressure. Forest Ecology and Management. 234:282-292.
  • Tsagaan Sankey, T., C. Montagne, L. Graumlich, R. Lawrence, and J. Nielsen. 2006. 20th Century forest-grassland ecotone shift and livestock herbivory effects in northern Mongolia. Forest Ecology and Management. 233:36-44.

Recent Grants:

  • Native Language and Learning Environmental Science in Contrasting Mountain Systems (Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA & Altai Mountain System, Russian Federation), Michael Brody PI, National Science Foundation, 2013-2015, $250,000
  • Informal Science Learning in Ecological Contexts:  Personal, place-based and cultural views of learning in contrasting mountain systems (Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA & Altai Mountain System, Russian Federation). National Science Foundation. 2010. $40,000
  • BioRegions Program. Willow Springs Foundation. 2012. $20,000

Current Instructional Responsibilities:

  • LRES 421 - Holistic Thought & Management (Spring)

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