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Dr. Tracy M. Sterling

Paul C. Stoy

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. 2006, Duke University; B.A. 2001, University of Wisconsin. Surface-atmosphere exchange of water, energy, and trace gases with an emphasis on plot scale measurements and regional & global scale synthesis. Specific interests include quantifying the impacts of land use change and climate change on the surface energy balance, the carbon cycle, and hydrology in temperate, boreal and arctic ecosystems.

Recent Publications:

  • Stoy PC, Richardson AD, Baldocchi DD, Katul GG, Stanovick J, Mahecha MD, Reichstein M, Detto M, Law BE, Wohlfahrt G, Arriga N, Campos J, McCaughey JH, Montagnani L, Paw U KT, Sevanto S, Williams M (2009) Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of CO2 in relation to climate: a cross-biome analysis across multiple time scales. Biogeosciences 6:2297-2312.
  • Stoy PC, Williams M, Disney M, Prieto-Blanco A, Huntley B, Baxter R, Lewis P (2009) Upscaling as ecological information transfer: A simple framework with application to arctic ecosystem carbon exchange. Landscape Ecology 24: 971-986.
  • Novick KA, Oren R, Stoy PC, Siqueira MBS, Katul GG (2009) Nocturnal evapotranspiration in eddy covariance records from three co-located ecosystems in the southeastern U.S. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149: 1491-1504.
  • Daly E, Palmroth S, Stoy PC, Siqueira MBS, Oishi AC, Juang J-Y, Oren R, Porporato A, Katul GG (2009) Subsurface CO2 dynamics under different atmospheric CO2 and soil nitrogen conditions in a pine forest. Biogeochemistry 94: 271-287.
  • Lin H, Cao M, Stoy PC, Zhang Y (2009) Assessing self-organization of plant communities – A thermodynamic approach. Ecological Modelling 220: 784-790.
  • Drake JE, Stoy PC, Jackson RB, DeLucia EH (2008) Fine root respiration in a loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) forest: Proximal limits, temperature dependence, and dynamic coupling with canopy photosynthesis. Plant, Cell and Environment 31: 1663-1672.
  • Oishi AC, Oren R, Stoy PC (2008) Estimating components of forest evapotranspiration: A footprint approach for scaling sap flux measurements. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 148: 1719-1732.
  • Stoy PC, Katul GG, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, Novick KA, McCarthy HR, Oishi AC, Oren R (2008) Role of vegetation in determining carbon sequestration along ecological succession in the southeastern United States. Global Change Biology 14: 1409-1427.
  • Juang J-Y, Katul GG, Siqueira MBS, Stoy PC, Novick KA (2007) Separating the effects of albedo from eco-physiological changes on surface temperature along a successional chronosequence in the southeastern US. Geophysical Research Letters L21408.
  • Stoy PC, Palmroth S, Oishi AC, Ward E, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, Novick KA, Johnsen K, Katul GG, Oren R (2007). Are ecosystem carbon inputs and outputs coupled at short time scales? A case study from adjacent pine and hardwood forests using impulse-response analysis. Plant, Cell and Environment 30: 700-710.
  • Juang J-Y, Porporato A, Stoy PC, Siqueira MBS, Oishi AC, Detto M, Kim H-S, Katul GG (2007). Hydrologic and atmospheric controls on convective precipitation events in a southeastern US mosaic landscape. Water Resources Research 43: W03421.
  • Stoy PC, Katul GG, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, Novick KA, Oren R (2006). An evaluation of methods for partitioning eddy covariance-measured net ecosystem exchange into photosynthesis and respiration. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 141: 2-18.
  • Stoy PC, Katul GG, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, McCarthy HR, Oishi AC, Uebelherr JM, Kim H-S, Oren R (2006). Separating the effects of climate and vegetation on evapotranspiration along a successional chronosequence in the southeastern U.S. Global Change Biology 12: 2115-2135.
  • Oren R, Hsieh C-I, Stoy PC, Albertson JD, McCarthy HR, Harrell P, Katul GG (2006). Estimating the uncertainty in annual net ecosystem carbon exchange: Spatial variation in turbulent fluxes and sampling errors in eddy-covariance measurements. Global Change Biology 12: 883-896.
  • Stoy PC, Katul GG, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, McCarthy HR, Kim H-S, Oishi AC, Oren R (2005) Variability in net ecosystem exchange from hourly to inter-annual time scales at adjacent pine and hardwood forests: a wavelet analysis. Tree Physiology 25: 887-902.
  • Novick KA, Stoy PC, Katul GG, Ellsworth DE, Siqueira MBS, Juang J-Y, Oren R (2004) Carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange in a warm temperate grassland. Oecologia 138: 259-274.
  • Stoy PC (in press) Thermodynamic approaches to ecosystem behaviour. In: Ecosystem Ecology: A New Synthesis (eds. Raffaelli D, Frid C) British Ecological Society Review Series.