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David M. Ward

NSF Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research

Do "species" matter in microbial communities?

2009 FIBR Interdisciplinary Workshop

Workshop information and registration available now.

The FIBR (2003) Awardees:

Principle Investigators:


David M. Ward, Montana State University, PI/lead institution

Frederick M. Cohan, Wesleyan University, Co-I

John F. Heidelberg, The Institute for Genome Research, Co-I

Arthur Grossman, Carnegie Institution, Stanford University, Co-I

Devaki Bhaya, Carnegie Institution, Stanford University, Co-I

Collaborators and Consultants:

Michael Kühl, University of Copenhagen, Collaborator

Sue Rhee, Carnegie Institution, Stanford University, Consultant

Natasha Khuri, San Jose State University, Collaborator (Research Opportunity Award in collaboration with the Carnegie Institute)

Doug Rusch, J. Craig Venter Institute Collaborator

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