M.S. Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University; B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University. Teaching, research support and outreach responsibilities include managing the MSU Global Positioning System (GPS) Laboratory and associated facilities and providing GPS education, training, and technical support to students and researchers.  Diana is a certified Trimble mapping trainer and participates in the MSU Spatial Sciences Center.


2014 President's Award for Excellence in Service Learning, E-911 Mapping Project.  Awarded to D. Cooksey (MSU) and community partners J. Henderson (City of Bozeman GIS Dept.) and N. Bashkirew (City of Bozeman Fire Department).

International Association of Fire Chief's 2005 Award for Excellence in the Fire Service, E-911 Mapping Project.  Awarded to MSU (D. Cooksey) and City of Bozeman Fire Department (G. Clutter, C. Winn).

Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • GPHY 262 - Spatial Sciences Technology and Application (Spring)
  • GPHY 357 - GPS Fundamentals & Applications in Mapping (Fall)
  • GPHY 358 - GPS Mapping Service Learning (Trails, E-911, AGAI) (Fall)
  • GPHY 457 - Advanced GPS Mapping for GIS (Fall)
  • ENSC 458 - Teaching Applications in LRES (Fall, Spring)