Ph.D. – Physical Chemistry 2009 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

B.S. – Chemistry 2003 Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA

 Research specialties:  Dissolved organic matter composition and characterization in association with biogeochemical cycling in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments

 My research interests include the evolution of organic matter (OM) in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems by investigating its composition, quantity, and other environmental contributing biological and geochemical factors to better understand its impacts in a changing climate. Aquatic environments are important processers of energy and materials. Dissolved organic matter (DOM) plays multiple roles in aquatic ecosystems including fueling heterotrophic activity and coupling cycles of energy and nutrients, ultimately contributing to the balance of carbon in these systems. DOM is a super-mixture of chemical constituents that cycle throughout a multitude of ecosystems in various phases. Thus, DOM evolution research requires combining bulk and molecular level chemical, biological, and ecological techniques. I specialize in bulk optical property (absorbance and fluorescence) and molecular level composition (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry) characterizations of DOM and how that information integrates into ecosystem function. Since DOM is woven in a web of related environmental factors, it is imperative to collaborate with interdisciplinary scientists to gain a better understanding of the OM contribution to the global carbon cycle and its implications for the future.

 Recent Publications

  • D'Andrilli, J., Foreman, C.M., Priscu, J,P., Sigl, M., and J.R. McConnell. "A 21.000 year record of organic matter quality in the WAIS Divide ice core," Submitted to Climate of the Past: In Review
  • D'Andrilli, J., Smith, H.J., Dieser, M., and Forman, C.M. "Climate driven carbon and microbial signatures through the last ice age," Submitted to Geochemical Perspective Letters: In Review
  • Joyce, R., Lavender, H., Farrar, J., Werth, J.T., Weber, C.F., D'Andrilli, J., Vaitilingom, M., and Christner, B. "Biological ice nucleating particles in precipitation correlate to storm type, air mass history, precipitation chemistry, and bacterial composition," Submitted to ISME: In Review
  • Smith, H.J., D'Andrilli, J., Tigges, M., Parker, A., Bothner, B., and Foreman, C.M., "Supraglacial dissolved organic matter: a labile but unsustainable carbon source," Invited to submit to ASLO Letters special issue: Carbon processing
  • D'Andrilli, J., Cooper, W.T., Foreman, C.M., and Marshall, A.G. An ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry index to estimate natural organic matter lability, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015, 29:2385-2401.
  • D'Andrilli, J., Foreman, C.M., Marshal, A.G., and D.M. McKnight. Characterization of IHSS Pony Lake fulvic acid dissolved organic matter from Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry and fluorescence spectroscopy, Organic Geochemistry, 2013, 65: 19-28.
  • Gonsior, M., Peake, B.M., Cooper, W.T., Podgorski, D.C., D'Andrilli, J., Dittmar, T., and W.J. Cooper. Characterization of dissolved organic matter across the Subtropical Convergence off the South Island, New Zealand, Marine Chemistry, 2011, 123: 99-110.