Ph.D. 2007, University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy & Management; M.S. 2000, University of California, Davis, Soil Science; B.A. 1989, Oberlin College.  Isotope biogeochemistry of soils in the Earth system.  Effects of disturbance (pollution, climate change) on soil-atmosphere and soil-hydrology interactions.  Innovative use of multiple isotope systems to explore the interaction of geochemical, geomorphic, and biological processes in driving biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial environments.

Recent Publications

  • Seipel, T., Jorgenson, D., Ewing, S. A., Rew, L. J. (submitted March 2, 2016), Effect of the abiotic environment and prescribed fire on vegetation composition at the interface of the Great Plains and Sagebrush Steppe. In review, Rangeland Ecology and Management.
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Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • Isotope Biogeochemistry (LRES 558)
  • Landscape Pedology (ENSC 454)