Ph.D. 1989, M.S. 1985, University of Minnesota; B.S. 1982, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Soil and environmental microbiology. Physiology, biochemistry, and genetics of phosphorus metabolism in the rhizobia as it occurs during symbiosis with the host legume plant; microbial and metabolic diversity in geothermally heated soils, including arsenic and metal transformations.

Recent Publications



Recent Grants


  • “Microbial Dark Matter: Forging New Discoveries in Metabolism.”

           National Science Foundation: Systems and Synthetic Biology

           V. Copie, B. Bothner, T.R. McDermott



  • “Mechanisms of arsenic detoxification by the human microbiome.”

           National Institutes of Health, RO-1

           S.T.  Walk and T.R. McDermott



  • "Arsenical Production in Germ Free and Humanized Mice"

           National Institutes of Environmental Health, R21

           S.T.  Walk and T.R. McDermott



  • "Biological Basis for Methane Synthesis in Oxic Lake Waters"

           NSF: Geobiology and Low Temperature Geochemistry

           T.R. McDermott and J.E. Dore



  • "A Cellular Systems Analysis of Microbe-Arsenic Interactions."

            National Science Foundation: Systems and Synthetic Biology

            T.R. McDermott, B.B. Bothner, and R. Carlson



  • "Integrated Analysis of Extremophile Biology from Genes to Metabolites."

            National Science Foundation: Metabolic Biochemistry
            B.B. Bothner, A. Mazurie, T.R. McDermott, and M. Young


  • "Molecular and Genetic Controls Regulating Bacterial Arsenite Oxidation."

             National Science Foundation: Metabolic Biochemistry
             T.R. McDermott and B.B. Bothner  


  • "Genetics Underlying Microbial Antimony Oxidation."

             NSF: Geobiology and Low Temperature Geochemistry
             T.R. McDermott


  • "The Thermo-acidophilic Cyanidiales: Genetic and Physiological Diversity in Relation to Environment and Seasonal Change in Yellowstone National Park." 

             National Science Foundation: Microbial Interactions and Processes

             T.R. McDermott


Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • LRES 452 - Soil and Environmental Microbiology (Spring)
  • LRES 552 - Advanced Soil and Environmental Microbiology (On Demand)