Ph.D. Entomology, Minor in Agronomy, 1995, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; M.S. Entomology 1991, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; B.S. 1987, Iowa State University. Human and ecological risk assessments for agricultural technologies, physiological responses of plants to biotic stressors, plant-insect interactions, economic decision level theory and development, and integrated pest management theory.

Recent Publications

  • Peterson, R.K.D., and J.J. Schleier III. 2014. A probabilistic analysis reveals fundamental limitations with the environmental impact quotient and similar systems for rating pesticide risks. (PeerJ 2:e364; DOI 10.7717/peerj.364).
  • Peterson, R.K.D. 2013. Mosquito Moan, by Blind Lemon Jefferson. American Entomologist 59:110-112. (reprint).
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  • Preftakes, C.J., J.J. Schleier III, and R.K.D. Peterson. 2011. Bystander exposure to ultra-low-volume insecticide applications used for adult mosquito management. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 8:2142-2152. (reprint).
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  • Davis, R.S., R.K.D. Peterson, and L.G. Higley. 2011. M-DEC: A spreadsheet program for producing multiple decrement life tables and estimating mortality dynamics for insects. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 75:363-367. (reprint).
  • Schleier III, J.J. and R.K.D. Peterson. 2011. Pyrethrins and pyrethroid insecticides. In O. Lopez and J.G. Fernandes-Bolanos (eds.). Green Trends in Insect Control.  Royal Society of Chemistry No. 11, London. (reprint).

Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • ENSC 407 / LRES 507 - Environmental Risk Assessment (Fall, odd years)
  • BIOE 422 / ENTO 510 - Insect Ecology (Spring, odd years)
  • ENTO 594 - Seminar/Special Topics (Spring, odd years)