Ph.D. 2000, College of Forestry, The University of Montana; M.S. 1989, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University; B.S. 1987, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University. Emphasis on river ecology, fluvial geomorphology and landscape ecology. Special interests include the ecology of the hyporheic zone, influence of floodplain geomorphology or in-stream habitat quality and linkages between riverine habitat diversity and biological diversity.

Recent Publications

  • Vatland, S. J., R. E. Gresswell, and G. C. Poole. 2015. Quantifying stream thermal regimes at multiple scales: Combining thermal infrared imagery and stationary stream temperature data in a novel modeling framework. Water Resources Research. 51.
  • Payn, R. A., A. M. Helton, G. C. Poole, C. Izurieta, A. J. Burgin, and E. S. Bernhardt. 2014. A generalized optimization model of microbially driven aquatic biogeochemistry based on thermodynamic, kinetic, and stoichiometric ecological theory. Ecological Modelling. 294: 1-18.
  • Della Croce, P., G. C. Poole, R. A. Payn, and C. Izurieta. 2014. Simulating the effects of stream network topology on the spread of introgressive hybridization across fish populations. Ecological Modelling. 279: 68-77.
  • Dodds, W. K., J. R. Webster, C. L. Crenshaw, A. M. Helton, J. M. O'Brien, E. Marti, A. E. Hershey, J. L. Tank, A. J. Burgin, N. B. Grimm, S. K. Hamilton, D. J. Sobota, G. C. Poole, J. J. Beaulieu, L. T. Johnson, L. R. Ashkenas, J. Robert O. Hall, S. L. Johnson, W. M. Wollheim, and W. B. Bowden. 2014. The Lotic Intersite Nitrogen Experiments: An example of a successful collaborative network for ecological research. Freshwater Science. 33(3): 700-710.
  • McCluney, K. E., N. L. Poff, M. A. Palmer, J. H. Thorp, G. C. Poole, B. S. Williams, M. R. Williams, and J. S. Baron. 2014. Riverine macrosystems ecology: sensitivity, resistance, and resilience of whole rive basins with human alterations.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 12(1): 48-58.
  • Helton, A. M., G. C. Poole, R. A. Payn, C. Izurieta, and J. A. Stanford. 2014. Relative influences of the river channel, floodplain surface, and alluvial aquifer on simulated hyrologic residence time in a montane river floodplain. Geomorphology 205: 17-26.
  • Mason, S. J. K., S. B. Cleveland, P. Llovet, C. Izurieta, and G. C. Poole. 2014. A centralized tool for managing, archiving, and serving point-in-time data in ecological research laboratories. Environmental Modelling & Software 51: 59-69.
  • Mason, S. J. K., B. L. McGlynn, and G. C. Poole. 2012. Hydrologic response to channel reconfiguration on Silver Bow Creek, Montana. Journal of Hydrology. 438-439:125-136.
  • Helton, A. M., G. C. Poole, R. A. Payn, C. Izurieta, and J. A. Stanford. 2012. Scaling flow path processes to fluvial landscapes: An integrated field and model assessment of temperature and dissolved oxygen dynamics in a river-floodplain-aquifer system. Journal of Geophysical Research 117:G00N14.

Recent Grants

  • G. Poole. Regional Assessment of Geomorphic and Hyproheic Influences on River Temperature. Funded by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. 2012-2017. $200,000.
  • E. Wohl, R. Hall, D. Walters, and G. Poole. Leaky Rivers: Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternate Stable States. Funded by the National Science Foundation. 2012-2015. $1,200,000.
  • G. Poole. Meacham Creek Restoration Monitoring. Funded by the Confederated Umatilla Tribes. 2010-2013. $80,000.
  • E. Bernhaardt, G. Poole, A. Burgin, and C. Izurieta. Coupled C, N, and S Cycling in Coastal Plain Wetlands: How Will Climate Change and Salt Water Intrusion After Ecosystem Dynamics? Funded by the National Science Foundation. 2010-2015. $1,200,000.

Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • ENSC 448 - Stream Restoration Ecology
  • LRES 511 - Environmental Data Management