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LRES Seminars

2014 Spring Seminars
1:10 2 p.m.
346 Leon Johnson Hall

01/27 Dr. John Kirkegaard, Agronomist, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia

Pathways to productivity – Australia’s conservation farming revolution

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02/03 Dr. Jean Dixon, Asst. Professor, MSU Dept of Earth Sciences Links between climate and soil on the eroding earth Watch the Seminar
02/10 David Thoma, Hydrologist, National Park Service Climate change in National Parks: Science and adaptation Watch the Seminar
02/17 No Seminar President's Day Holiday, no classes  
Dr. Scott Payne, President Kirk Engineering & Natural Resources Inc. & LRES 445 Instructor
Science, communication, and things you can’t see - A visual approach to groundwater hydrology in western watersheds
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03/03 Charles Holt, LRES Grad Student
What is the ecological role of weeds in the sustainability of community scale vegetable production?
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Arjun Pandey, LRES Grad Student

Evaluation of Spectral Reflectance and Crop Physiological Parameters to Determine Nitrogen and Water Stress in Spring Wheat

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03/24 Krista Ehlert, LRES Grad Student
Optimizing efficacy of cheatgrass biocontrol in crops and rangelands: Integration and implementation

Priyanka Kudalkar, LRES Grad Student

Michael Bestwick, LRES Grad Student

Role of Fungi in Nutrient Cycling in the Ice Ecosystem and its Functions

Effects of tillage and rotation on water use efficiency of intensified dryland wheat based cropping systems

Watch the Seminar

Watch the Seminar


Tommy Bass, LRES Grad Student

Deicy Sanchez, LRES Grad Student

Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Influences on Montana Local Beef Production and Processing: A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Supply and Services in Beef Production for Local Consumption

Just add lime? Interactive effects of plants, bacteria, and amendments on soil arsenic levels.

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Watch the Seminar


Stephen Johnson, LRES Grad Student

Subodh Adhikari, LRES Grad Student

Assessing plant diversity and plant-soil feedbacks in conventional and organic cropping systems

Impacts of management systems on small grain dryland agroecoystem services

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Watch the Seminar


Nar Ranabhat, LRES Grad Student

Collin Preftakes, LRES Grad Student

Role of agronomic management practices on plant disease dynamics in dry land crops in Northern Great Plains

Using the risk assessment paradigm to evaluate technologies for pesticide drift reduction

Watch the Seminar

Watch the Seminar

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