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LRES Undergraduate Programs

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The department strives to provide exceptional educational opportunities through a blend of classroom, laboratory and field activities. We integrate the natural and physical sciences with real-world applications to prepare our students to address critical issues in environmental sciences, natural resources, and land resources analysis and management. Students transition into creative practitioners based on a strong foundation of knowledge and skills created through active learning and integrative opportunities in our curriculum.

For information about our undergraduate programs, the application process or to schedule a visit, contact our Academic Programs Coordinator, Linda McDonald:

334 Leon Johnson Hall, MSU
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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate degrees require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above. Working closely with faculty advisors, you formulate the course of study appropriate to the program and your professional goals. Teaching faculty offer a broad range of expertise, individual attention, and practical experience for students to draw upon for instruction and advice. You can gain valuable experience assisting with research projects in the laboratory, greenhouse, and field settings -- many find part-time school year and full-time summer jobs in the Department.

Baccalaureate Degrees

2014 - 2015 Catalog!




Environmental Sciences Major

Environmental Biology Option

Geospatial & Environmental Analysis Option

Land Rehabilitation Option

Soil & Water Sciences Option


Agroecology Option


ENTOMOLOGY- Shared with Animal and Range Sciences and Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
WATER RESOURCES - Shared with the Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering and Letters & Science

PREVIOUS CATALOGS 2004-2006 ~ 2012-2014

Environmental Sciences Programs

Environmental Biology Option For students interested in the basic biology and ecology of organisms in natural and altered environments and includes an emphasis on environmental microbiology.

Soil and Water Science Option For students who are interested in the physical, chemical and biological processes occurring in natural and managed soil and aquatic environments. Soils are the precious 'skin of the earth' that supports life on our planet.


Land Rehabilitation Programs

For students interested in reclamation and restoration ecology, including revegetation and soil remediation of sites degraded by industrial activities, recreational activities, invasive species or natural disturbances.


Geospatial and Environmental Analysis Programs

For students interested in inventory and analysis of land resource information using state-of-the-art tools for mapping and remote sensing, and to integrate that information with management concerns for informed land resource use and decision-making.


Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Programs
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Agroecology Option For students interested in the application of principles of population ecology, community ecology, and environmental science to cropland ecosystems.

Prospective Students