Large patch of dead or small wheat within a field due to soil acidity

Wheat field with low pH soil. Image provided by R. Engel.

Patch of wheat within a field that is yellow and very small

Wheat on low pH soil. Poor growth likely due to Al toxicity. Image by R. Engel.

 Durum wheat roots that are short and stubby due to Al toxicity

Durum wheat roots stunted by Al toxicity. Image by R. Engel

 A field of safflower with large patches of no plants due to crop failure from low soil pH

Safflower field with low soil pH. Images by R. Engel

 Safflower roots on the left that are short and stubby from Al toxicityHealthy safflower roots with many finer roots branching off the main taproot

Safflower roots with Al toxicity (left) and healthy (right)