LRES/MB 415 Microbial Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution

The diversity of procaryotic and eucaryotic microorganisms will be explored from both classical phenotypic and contemporary genotypic perspectives. The linkage between microbial diversity, its evolutionary origins, and its ecological value will be emphasized.

  • Spring alternate years, to be offered 2006 4 cr. LEC 3 LAB 1.
  • Prerequisite: BCHM 340, MB 301 or consent of instructor.

LRES/MB 515 Microbial Ecology

Critical review of literature on the distribution and activity of microorganisms in natural microbial communities based on microbial adaption and physical, chemical and biological features of the microenvironment. A critical discussion of literature and approaches.

  •  Spring alternate years, to be offered 2005 3 cr. LEC 3. 
  •  Prerequisite: LRES 415.