Montana State University

Cover Crops Presentations, Videos, Publications & Reports

Presentations and Videos

Cover crop cocktails as partial summer-fallow replacement in no-till wheat-fallw rotations - MSU Tallman thesis - (video)
Mixed cover crops: An introduction Fall 2013 (video)
Cover crop studies at MSU - initial findings MT Farmers Union Oct 2013 (pdf) (video)
Legume green manure and preliminary results from cover crop mixture study Shelby Dec 2011 (pdf)
Cover Crop Mix study overview Winter 2012 (pdf)

The Burleigh County Soil Conservation District, North Dakota The “Soil Health” page contains presentations and videos.

Cover crops: where do they fit in modern cropping systems? Presents general cover crop information with specifics focused on Mid-west growing region

Innovative No-till: Using Multi-Species Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health. ATTRA-NCAT webinar.

Publications and Reports

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Nitrogen Cycling from Pea Forage to Wheat in No-Till Systems. Fertilizer Facts No. 51
Effect of Tillage on Nitrogen Cycling from Annual Legume Green Manures. Fertilizer Facts No. 58
Improving Annual Legume Green Manure Management by Optimizing Seeding Rates and Termination Timing. Fertilizer Facts No. 61
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