LRES Program Learning Outcomes

Expected competencies for LRES majors include a diverse set of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and abilities to include:

  • An understanding of core theoretical principles and applications in evolutionary, ecological and physical environmental sciences.
  • Ability to access, read, and critically assess the quality and source of environmental information.
  • Knowledge of the theory and practice of data analysis in environmental sciences, including statistical analysis, model building, and graphical presentation of data.
  • The ability to effectively write and present scientific material.
  • An understanding of the ethical implications of conducting and applying environmental science.

For Graduate Students:

  • M.S.- Pass a Thesis Defense
  • Ph.D.- Pass oral and written examinations as well as a Dissertation Defense

Assessment Plans

LRES Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (2009-2010)

Assessment Reports

LRES Assessment Activities Report (S 2010)

LRES Graduate Outcomes Assessment Report (2013-2015)

LRES Graduate Outcomes Assessment Report (2014-2016)

LRES Entomology Graduate Program Assessment Report (2015-2016)

LRES Undergraduate Program Assessment Report (AY 2017)

LRES Undergraduate Program Assessment Report (AY2018)