*Former seminar schedules and recordings
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January 28th

Abdullah Alowaifeer, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisors: Tim McDermott & Anne Camper

"Biological Cycling of Arsenic species and Mercury in Yellowstone Lake"

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 February 4th

Shealyn Malone, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Fabian Menalled

"Microbally-induced plant volatiles: Multitrophic interactions in agroecosystems"

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Justin Gay, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Jack Brookshire

"Emerging patterns in nitrogen loss and limitation across temperate and tropical ecosystems"

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 February 11th

Kathe Todd- Brown, Wilfrid Laurier University

"Soil carbon dynamics in Earth system models: Math, simulations, and truth"

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February 25th

Tracy Novak, Montana 4-H Center

"Middle-schoolers on a mission with STEM"

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March 4th

Whendee Silver, UC Berkleley- ESPM Professor and Rudy Grah Chair

"The potential of working lands to mitigate climate change"

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March 11th 

 Katie Bills Walsh, Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

"Human dimensions of coalbed methane reclamation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming"

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March 25th

 Abaye Abebe, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Rob Payn

"Understanding recharge processes and their effects on groundwater storage in intermountain basins"

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Kristen Oneill, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Tony Hartshorn

"Improved crop culture: How to increase water-holding capacity, soil carbon stocks, and crop yeilds simultaneously"

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April 1st

Simon Fordyce, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Clain Jones & Pat Carr 

"Predicting overwinter nitrate-N changes at the subfield scale in leaching-susceptible, agricultural soils"

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Mary Ellyn Dupre,  M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Fabian Menalled & Tim Seipel 

"Integrating cover crops in semi-arid production systems: Impacts on the associated biodiversity"

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April 8th

Tindall Ouverson, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Fabian Menalled & Tim Seipel

"Response of soil microbial communities to cover-crop- and crop-termination treatments"

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Sydney Atencio, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Perry Miller & Mary Burrows

"Building a better lentil-competition between Fusarium pathogen species observed in the greenhouse and field"

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April 15th

Scott Morford, TetraTech- Environmental Scientists & Project Manager

"Rock Nitrogen"

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April 22nd

Carrie Harris, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: John Priscu

"Long term patterns in phytoplankton production in a permanently ice-covered Antarctic Lake"

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Jordan Meyer-Morey, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Lisa Rew

"Using a new herbicide, Indaziflam, to control a new invader, desert alyssum, in Yellowstone National Park"

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