The Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences (LRES) offers a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and managing land resources.  Our coursework and research involves soils, microorganisms, insects, plants, climate, and water; the options within our majors allow undergraduates to focus on their specific areas of interest.  We also offer advanced degrees - three M.S. degree programs, and online M.S. degree program, and a Ph.D. program.

Students of all levels of study have the opportunity to join LRES faculty members in cutting-edge, internationally-recognized investigations, many of which take place in the many outstanding and diverse natural laboratories within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  We address issues affecting cropland, rangeland, forests, reclaimed land, extreme environments, and protected natural areas.

Through our classes, research, and service-learning opportunities, we challenge our students to share the knowledge they gain about local and global environments with agricultural producers, land owners and managers, the general scientific community, and the citizens of Montana.  Our students graduate with a broad, scientifically-sound education and are well-prepared for careers in the environmental sciences.

We are committed to cultivating a culture that supports and values diversity across our mission to reflect the people we serve and respect all voices.

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