Northern Plains Resource Council Soils Workshop

Soil Crawl in Carbon County- Joliet students get on ground learning about soil.

New well and septic maintenance publications available from MSU Extension. December 14, 2021

MSU Extension to host cropping seminars Jan. 10-14 in the Golden Triangle. December 7, 2021

John Priscu was interviewed by Netflix ‘Atypical’ about polar science. November 24, 2021

LRES Weed IPM Specialist Team interviewed by MT AgCast. November 24, 2021

Cathy Zabinski's book in consideration for national award. November 4, 2021

Marni Rolston receives Pure Gold award. October 13, 2021

Bob Peterson interviews with Marketplace after Asian giant hornets are found in Washington. October 1, 2021

Bob Peterson receives the College of Agriculture Distinguished Faculty Award. September 30, 2021

Several LRES Faculty and Graduate Students announced as recepients of 2021 College of Agriculture Awards in Inside Ag. September 24, 2021 

MSU to offer pest management tour across eastern Montana in October. September 15, 2021

Bruce Maxwell interviews with YPR about how severe drought conditions impact Montana ranchers. September 7, 2021

MSU team publishes research on Asian giant hornets. August 19, 2021

MSU team part of $4 million agriculture project. August 11, 2021

MSU plant scientists featured in New York Times. August 6, 2021

MSU, Little Big Horn College partner for native student access. July 23, 2021

MSU professor William Kleindl named president-elect of Society of Wetland Scientists. July 13, 2021

Tim Seipel was interviewed by Montana Free Press about Regenerative Agriculture. July 6, 2021

MSU team publishes work on methane synthesis. July 1, 2021

Judith River Watershed Nitrogen Project works to solve high nitrate concentration in local groundwater. May 25, 2021

LRES alum speaks about Bozeman Climate Plan with OLLI. April 30, 2021

COA students envision alternative futures for Soroptimist Park in downtown Bozeman. April 21, 2021

Maxer wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to study at the University of Florida. April 19, 2021

LRES/MISE project partners with state agencies to expand invasive species education. April 13, 2021

LRES/Extension weed specialist Jane Mangold receives national award. March 1, 2021

LRES GSO raises money for our annual research colloquium during MSU Giving Day. February 19, 2021

LRES Ph.D. student Loewen receives remote sensing fellowship for organic farming research.February 17, 2021

LRON Alum published in Entomology Today for article "From the Bench to a Brader Impact". February 10, 2021

LRES student Madeline Beck and Mentor Nicholas Fox honored at Awards for Excellence ceremony. February 3, 2021 *Click here to view the ceremony

LRES Alum receives remote sensing fellowship.  January 28, 2021

Two MSU alumni complete fellowship program aimed at increasing their startups' social impact. January 14, 2021