Roland Ebel leaning over strays of plant seedlings in a greenhouse
Research team studies use of food waste
December 16, 2022
The researchers are studying the potential to use anaerobic digestion for processing household food waste. Anaerobic digestion is a process through which microorganisms break down organic materials, such as food scraps, without oxygen.
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Montana State environmental health senior wins nat
October 27, 2022
The National Environmental Health Association and the American Academy of Sanitarians Scholarship helps supports students who are pursuing a career in environmental health and want to positively contribute to the future of environmental health.
Two men
MSU doctoral students receive awards from internat
August 24, 2022
Sasha Loewen and Paul Hegedus focus on seeding and nitrogen fertilizer rates, respectfully, and how producers can use that data to precisely manage their crop fields.
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MSU graduate student publishes paper on effect of
July 26, 2022
According to Bryce Currey’s paper, over half of grasslands in the Northern Great Plains increased in productivity, referred to as greening, due disproportionately to the expansion of trees, which is largely driven by changing climate and fire suppression.
A gravity core is hoisted by a crane arm above the borehole at the Mercer Subglacial Lake in Antarctica as several scientist and crew look on..
MSU film reaches international audiences 
April 29, 2022
The recently released film, "Lake at the Bottom of the World," which features a team of MSU scientists, has been selected for screenings at international and national events this year. 
A group of people in a field
MSU grad student works to understand ventenata
April 6, 2022
Zach Fighter is using a combination of chemical control and remote sensing to find ways to remediate the invasive grass ventenata on the Crow Reservation.