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September 13th

Dr. Yong Cai, Florida International University
"Interactions of arsenic with dissolved organic matter"

September 20th

Dr. Paul Stoy, Assistant Professor, LRES
"The land-atmosphere fluxes of carbon, water, and energy: What we know and what we need to know"

September 27th

Dr. Cliff Montagne, Professor, LRES
"Increasing the resiliency of a natural resource user group in Mongolia"

October 4th

Alex Michaud, LRES Grad Student
"Microbial weathering beneath the Whillans Ice Stream"

October 11th

Tyler Brummer, LRES Grad Student
"Understanding distributions of non-native plant species to aid in the development of management tools"

October 18th

Dr. Bruce Maxwell, Professor, LRES
"Applying science to invasive plant management decisions"

October 25th

Tyler Smith, LRES Grad Student
"Reducing hydrological uncertainties in watershed modeling through improved statistical inference"

November 1st

Erwin Jeremiah, LRES Grad Student
"A comparison of the robustness of Monte Carlo samplers used in Bayesian calibration and uncertainty analysis of hydrological models"

November 8th

Dr. Stephanie Ewing, Assistant Professor, LRES
"Soil process and landscape legacy: Examples from dry and cold places"

November 15th

John Mallard, LRES Grad Student
"Stream network complexity controls on stream-ground water exchange"

November 22nd

Jake Beam, LRES Grad Student
"Distribution and ecology of thaumarchaea in geothermal environments"

November 29th

Melissa Graves, LRES Grad Student
"Impact of cropping system diversity and animal grazing on weed communities"

December 6th

Chris Welch, LRES Grad Student
"Snow hydrology" Effects of mountain pine beetle on snowpack characteristics"