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September 19th

Dr. Christine Foreman
"Microbial growth in a humic-free environment on the Cotton Glacier, Antarctica"

September 26th

Dr. Timothy McDermott
"Tightly integrated co-regulation of arsenic and phosphorus metabolism"

October 3rd

Dr. Jackson Gross
"Research and management of invasive species: A dichotomy of ecological recovery"

October 10th

Dr. Marcel Huijser
"Highways and wildlife: Ecological impacts and mitigation measures"

October 17th

Dr. Jonathan O'Donnell
"Effects of permafrost thaw on soil carbon dynamics in the Alaska boreal region"

October 24th

Leslie Jones
"Use of fine-scale temperature modeling to assess potential effects of climate warming on salmonid habitats"

October 31st

Krista Ehlert
"Improving cheatgrass and japanese brome management on Montana range, pasture, and CRP lands"

November 7th

Padraic Stoy
"Riparian hydrological dynamics and buffering of upslope throughflow across landscape positions"

November 14th

Carmel Johnston
"The effects of permafrost thaw on methane emissions in a western Alaska peatland chronosequence"

November 21st

Lora Soderquist
"Role of local knowledge to raise awareness of invasive species management techniques for Greater Yellowstone ecosystem grasslands"

November 28th

Christine Miller
"Soil management and spatial variability of water quality in the Judith River Basin, Montana"

December 5th

Pamela Santibañez
"Biotic and abiotic characterization of ice cores"