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September 17th

Tom Parker, Geum Environmental Consulting, Hamilton, MT
"River and floodplain restoration: Contrasts among Jocko, Clark Fork, and Kootenai River projects"

September 24th

Steve Shelly, USFS Region 1, Missoula, MT
"Research natural areas: A network of protected sites on National Forest lands in the Northern Rocky Mountains"
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October 1st

Brett Allen, USDA - ARS - NPARL, Sidney, MT
"Dryland cropping research in NE Montana"

October 8th

Ray Callaway, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
"Biogeographic variation in pattern and process in exotic plant invasions"

October 15th

Michael Fiebig, American Rivers, Bozeman, MT
"American rivers: A holistic approach to protecting and restoring rivers"
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October 22nd

Aiden Johnson, LRES Grad Student
"Tracking spatial and temporal changes in various landscapes using multi-resolution analysis"

October 29th

Tatyana Rand, USDA - ARS - NPARL, Sidney, MT
"Enemy-prey interactions in changing landscapes: implications for conservation and agriculture"
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November 5th

Hariet Hinz, CABI Switzerland Centre, Delémont, CH
"Overview of CABI's Weed Biocontrol program with special reference to Lepidium draba"
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November 19th

Sharlene Sing, USFS-RMRS, Bozeman, MT
"Biological control of exotic toadflax (Linaria spp.): Matching agent and target weed genotypes"

November 26th

Jason Baldes, LRES Grad Student
"Cultural plant biodiversity in relic buffalo wallows of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming"

December 3rd

Heidi Clark, LRES Grad Student
"Historic resource use in the Greater Yellowstone region, response and resilience of rivers: A rephotographic analysis"

Sean McKenzie, LRES Grad Student
"Grazing away: How does sheep grazing for cover crop termination affect plant community structure and carabid beetle community structure?"