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September 16th

Dr. John Priscu
"The hidden world beneath Antarctica"

September 23rd

Scott Bockness
"Innovative conservation approaches to invasive plant management in the Missouri River Watershed - From control to biomass utilization and bioenergy generation"
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September 30th

Dr. Amaya Garcia Costas
"Microbiology of Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge: An unusual site in south central Montana affected by saline seeps"

October 7th

Adam Sigler
"Engaging communities in data collection to enhance understanding and stewardship of water resources"

October 14th

Badamgarav Dovchin
"Application of holistic management and bioregions process on herder's decision-making to improve pasture quality and increase family resiliency in central Mongolia"

October 21st

Sam Carlson
"Geomorphic controls on serial processing of carbon and nitrate within stream networks"

October 28th

Lisa Lone Fight
"Land use and land cover change on the lands of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Ariara Nation using Landstat and indigenous classification"

November 4th

Sarina Bao
"Patch selective and patch dynamics on rangeland ecosystems"

November 18th

Erin Frolli
"Developing a method to estimate distribution and abundance of jellies in surface waters off central California as prey for the Leatherback turtle"

November 25th

Shavonn Reezale Whiten
"The effect of increasing ambient temperature on the susceptibility of aedes aegypti to pyrethroid insecticides"

December 2nd

Liza Harris
"Flux tower data analysis in Montana's Judith Basin: A measure of evapotranspiration over a winter wheat field"