Former seminar schedules and recordings
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September 22nd

Dr. Ben Poulter, Professor, Ecology Dept., MSU
"A new era for the role of vegetation dynamics in the global carbon cycle"
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September 29th

Alex GaffkeM.S. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Adding precision to biological control: Using semiochemicals to manipulate the spatial distribution of Diorhabda carinulata"
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October 6th

Dr. Ryan ThumPlant Geneticist, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology Dept., MSU
"Evolutionary Ecology to Inform & Enhance Invasive Aquatic Plant Management"
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October 13th

Tracy Ellig, Executive Director of Communications, University Communications, MSU
"Working with the media 101: A crash course"
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October 20th

Dr. Matt RinellaResearch Ecologist, USDA-ARS, Miles City, MT
"Factors regulating shrub establishment during grassland restoration"
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October 27th

Angela TangPh.D. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Tropical peat swamp forest: A source or a sink of atmospheric carbon?"
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November 3rd

Christopher BrownPh.D. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Natural enemies in genetically modified maize: A long-term and landscape scale assessment"
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November 10th

Christian LarsonM.S. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Implications of disturbance and a changing climate on Bromus tectorum invasion of a Montana sagebrush-steppe"
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November 17th

Megan HousmanM.S. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Can cover crop mixtures improve soil nutrient dynamics in dryland agriculture?"
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November 24th

Carlos RomeroM.S. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Soil management for sustaining long-term soil quality and fertility in agroecosystems of central Montana"
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December 1st

Aaron Scott-KlingborgM.S. student, LRES Dept., MSU
"Scaling nutrient limitation from organisms to ecosystems across forest succession"
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