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September 17th

Russell Smith, MSU LRES Alumni

"Plant Growth Characteristics & Revegetation Strategies in a Hyper-saline Playa"

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September 24th

Bryce Hughes, MSU Department of Education

"Coming out in STEM: The Experiences of LGBTQ students in STEM fields"

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October 1st

Joel McCorkel, NASA Biospheric Sciences Laboratory

"NASA Earth Science: Satellite sensors for science, challenges for Landsat and GOES-17"

October 8th

Brendan Moynahan, National Park Service

"Beyond Products and Process: The Broader Scope of Scientific Integrity"

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October 15th

Eric Quaempts, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation

"First Foods/River Vision"

October 22nd 


 Chris Organ, MSU Department of Earth Sciences

"Human Macroevolution: A Consilience of Fossils & Phylogenies"

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October 29th

Buddhi Achhami, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisors: David Weaver and Gadi V.P. Reddy

"Host Plant Resistance to Wheat Stem Sawfly in Barley"

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November 5th

Paul Hegedus, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisors: Bruce Maxwell and Stephanie Ewing

"Who benefits from precision agriculture?"

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November 19th

Peter Bugoni, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Jane Mangold

"Improving Diversity in Smooth Brome and Crested Wheatgrass Stands"

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November 26th

Gabrielle Blanchette, M.S. Candidate

Advisors:  Craig Carr & Hayes Goosey

"Native Pollinators: The Effects of Livestock Grazing on Rangelands in Montana"

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Michelle Majeski, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Jane Mangold

"Understanding mechanisms of invasion and restoring lands impacted by non-native annual grasses"

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December 3rd

Briana Whitehead, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Anthony Hartshorn & WilliamKleindl

"A Parafluvial Response to Beaver Dam Mimicry"

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Mei Ling Wong, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Fabian Menalled & Tim Seipel

"Integrating Crop Diversity, Cover Crops, and Targeted Grazing to Manage Wild Oat (Avena fatua) and Kochia (Kochia scoparia)"

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