*Former seminar schedules and recordings
  available in the Folder LRES Archives

September 9th

James Martin, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures

"Banana Cowboys: The Culture and Politics of Tropical Agribusiness in Latin America"

September 16th

Ranjeet John, Ph.D. 

University of South Dakota- Dept. of Ecology & Sustainability

"Grassland Canopy Cover and Aboveground Biomass on the Mongolian Plateau: Spatiotemporal Estimates and Controlling Factors"

September 23rd 

Fabian Menalled, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

"Western SARE: Tips to Write a Successful Proposal"

September 30th 

Rebecca Mueller, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Center for Biofilm Engineering

"Leveraging Natural and Experimental Gradients to Understand the Drivers of Microbial Community Assembly"

October 7th 

Danielle Ulrich, Ph.D.

Montana State University- Ecology

"Pinyon-Juniper Heat Tolerance and Acclimation under Climate Change"

October 14th 

Hannah Duff, Ph.D. candidate

Advisor: Bruce Maxwell, Ph.D. - LRES


R. Sasha Loewen, Ph.D. candidate

Advisor: Bruce Maxwell, Ph.D. - LRES

October 21st  

Nickolas Zeibig-Kichas, Ph.D. candidate

Advisor: David McWethy, Ph.D. - Ecology


Joseph Capella, M.S. candidate

Advisor: Stephanie Ewing, Ph.D. - LRES

October 28th 

Molly Haviland, M.S. candidate

Advisor: Anthony Hartshorn, Ph.D. - LRES


Colter Mumford, M.S. candidate

Advisor: Lisa Rew, Ph.D. - LRES

November 4th

Cory Cleveland, Ph.D. 

University of Montana- W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

"Nutrient Constraints on Future Productivity and Carbon Storage in Terrestrial Ecosystems"

November 18th

LRES Senior Capstone (ENSC 499R) 

Instructor: Catherine Zabinski, Ph.D. -LRES

"Ethics of Managing Critical Global Resources: Mining and Food Production"

November 25th

Luke Mckay, Ph.D.

Montana State University- Center for Biofilm Engineering/Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

"Early-evolved microbial metabolisms and virus-host dynamics govern methane and sulfur cycles in geothermal environments"