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January 231st

Dr. Luther Talbert, Professor, Plant Sciences
"Wheat improvement for a changing climate"

February 7th

Dr. David Weaver, Professor, LRES
(title unavailable)

February 21st

Jeremy Jones, LRES Grad Student
"Plant functional traits and invasive species management"

February 28th

Dr. David Ward, Professor, LRES
(title unavailable)

March 7th

Jason Wood, LRES Grad Student
"Metabolic interactions among the inhabitants of an alkaline siliceous hot spring microbial mat"

March 21st

David Moore, LRES Grad Student
"Fusing observations, models, and manipulative experiments to determine forest responses to environmental change"

April 4th

Travis Belote, LRES Grad Student
"Applying conceptual ecology to ecosystem management and conservation in forests and rangelands"

April 11th

Bahram Farokhkish, LRES Grad Student
"The effects of chronic electroshock exposures on razorback sucker (Xyrauchen taxnus) survival and reproduction"

April 18th

Heidi Smith, LRES Grad Student
"The role of microbes in microbial synthesis and transformation of dissolved organic matter in glacial environments"

April 25th

F. Aaron Rains, LRES Grad Student
"Biophysical controls of CO2 flux through snow in lodgepole pine and clearcut ecosystems"