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January 30th

Dr. Rick Lawrence
"Spatial autocorrelation in modeling with very-high resolution imagery and alternative modeling approaches"

February 6th

Katie Kleehammer
"Piloting the use of microbial tracers and qPCR to quantify waste water influence on private wells in the Gallatin Valley"

February 13th

Jennie Bodin
"Environmental factors influencing efficacy of insecticides used in adult mosquito management"

February 27th

John Long
"Assessing the spatial and temporal patterns of adoption for cereal-pulse crop rotation in northeast Montana using geospatial analytical technique"

March 5th

Dr. Bill Inskeep
"Updates on the distribution of thermophiles in geothermal systems of Yellowstone National Park"

March 19th

Dr. John Priscu
"The habitability of icy worlds in our solar system"

March 26th

Adam Sigler
"Exploring sources of nitrate in ground and surface water in the Judith Basin"

April 2nd

Kim Taylor
"Lodgepole pine invasions: Drivers and feedbacks"

April 9th

Tristany Wagner
"The effects of seismic exploration technology on different size classes of Rainbow trout"

Susan Tallman
"Cover crop cocktails"

April 16th

Millie Olsen
"Metabolic basis for niche partitioning in a hot springs cyanobacteria"

April 23rd

Jason Brown
"Approximate Bayesian computations in watershed modeling"

Jordan Holsinger
"Growing season moisture and nutrient dynamics at the Bangtail snow manipulation study site"