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January 28th

Dr. Ryan Bixenmann, Postdoctoral Associate, LRES
"Understanding plant-herbivore interactions: From basic to applied science"
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February 4th

Dr. Neil Show, Montana Natural Heritage Program
"The Myrtle family: Diversity and conservation"
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February 11th

Dr. John Gaskin, USDA - ARS, Sidney, MT
"Genetic tools for invasive weed management"
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February 25th

Dr. Joe Shaw, Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSU
"Optical remote sensing systems for studying climate and ecosystems"
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March 4th

Scott Meers, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
"Developing an insect monitoring system for Alberta"
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March 18th

Ron LodgePole, LRES Grad Student
"Risk of mortality and morbidity posed to native trout by climate change on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho"
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March 25th

Andrew John, LRES Grad Student
"Land use and land cover change on the lands of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Ariara Nation using Landstat and indigenous classification"
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April 1st

Dr. Vikram Mehta, Center for Research on the Changing Earth System, Catonsville, MD
"Decadal climate variability and its impacts on water, agriculture, and economy in the Missouri River Basin"
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April 8th

Hally Berg, LRES Grad Student
"Understanding the ecology and integrated management of tall buttercup (Ranunculus acris)"
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April 15th

John Sugden, LRES Grad Student
"Slicing and dicing Gallatin Valley soils: The pitfalls of climo-, litho-, and pyrosequences"
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April 22nd

Christina Herron-Sweet, LRES Grad Student
"Multi-trophic interactions between an invasive plant, pollinators, biological control agents and parasitoids"
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