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February 8th

Colter Ellis, Sociology & Anthropology, MSU

"Unconventional Risks: Rural Community Response to Acute Energy Development in the Eagle Ford Shale"

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February 22nd

Rebekah VanWierenPlant Science & Plan Pathology, MSU

"Land Reclamation in Butte, MT: Design for aligning cultural and ecological assets"

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February 29th

Jay Rotella, Dept. of Ecology, MSU

"The consequences of maternal effects and environmental conditions on offspring success in Antarctica's Weddell seals"

March 7th

Sam Carlson, Ph.D. student

Advisor: Poole

"Physical and chemical controls on stream network distribution"

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March 21st

Alyssa Piccolomini, MS student

Advisor: Peterson

"The susceptibility of the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Megachile rotundata) to three pyrethroids used in mosquito management."

Joseph Old Elk, MS student

Advisor: Ewing


March 28th

Andrew Bobst, Ph.D. student

Advisor: Payn

"Using beaver mimicry restoration as a manipulative experiment to understand "natural" storage of stream water"

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April 4th

Mike Oldham, MS student

Advisor: Powell

"Characterizing vegetation composition and structure of a riparian area using unmanned aerial systems and photogrammetry"

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Katie Fogg, MS student

Advisor: Poole

"Simulating Atmospheric and Hyporheic Influeces on Stream Temperature using a Mechanistic Heat Model"

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April 11th

Tara Saley, MS student

Advisor: McDermott

"Relative importance of key regulatory proteins involved in the bacterial response to arsenic."

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Tessa Scott, MS student

Advisor: Menalled

"Weed population and community dymanics in Montana organic cropping systems"

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April 18th

Erika Sturn, MS student

Advisor: Ewing

Using Ca and Sr to understand lithologic and hydrologic controls of stream water."

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Shannon Dillard, MS student

Advisor: Hartshorn

"Eight years later: Time to look to soils to accomplish Yellowstone National Park's restoration goals."

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April 25th

Meryl Storb, Ph.D. student

Advisor: Payn

"How will a stream's metabolic regime be influenced by direct and indirect human impacts?"

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