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February 5th

Dr. Catherine Zabinski, MSU LRES - Professor

"Telling the Evolutionary Stories Underlying Agriculture"

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February 12th

Dr. William Inskeep, MSU LRES - Professor

"Element Cycles in High-Temperature Chemotropic Systems"

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February 26th

Dr. Cliff Montagne, MSU LRES - Professor Emeritus

"BioRegions Mongolia: The Yellowstone of 1918"

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March 5th

Dr. Bruce Maxwell, MSU Institute on Ecosystems - Director

"Taking the Montana Climate Assessment to the People"

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March 19th

Dr. Kevin O'Neill, MSU LRES - Professor

"The Diversity and Distribution of Orchid Bees of Belize"

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March 26th 

Kristen D'Agati 

Advisor: Clain Jones, Perry Miller, & Cathy Zabinski

"Soil Biological, Chemical, and Physical Effects of Long Term Multispecies Cover Crop Mixes"

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Ethan Wologo 

Advisor: Stephanie Ewing

"Nutrient Availability Limits Decomposition of Permafrost-derived Carbon in Arctic Streams"

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April 2nd

Dr. Brendan Moynahan, NPS Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit - Research Coordinator & Science Advisor

"Beyond Products and Process: The Broader Scope of Scientific Integrity"

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April 9th

Dr. Jeff Hungerford, NPS Yellowstone National Park - Geologist

"Yellowstone Geology"

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April 16th

Miranda Margetts 

Advisor: Robert Peterson & Deborah Keil 

"Pharmaceuticals in Water: Potential Wastewater Testing For Public and Environmental Health"

Elizabeth Mohr 

Advisor: Geoffrey Poole

"Linked Elemental Spiraling: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Biogeochemical Patterns in Freshwater Ecosystems"

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April 23rd

Latrice Tatsey 

Advisor: Anthony Hartshorn 

"In-nii (Bison Bison): Are they restoring soil health while reaturning to their homelands?"

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Adam Cook 

Advisor: Paul Stoy

"Methane Emissions of American Bison"

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April 30th

Rekha Bhandari

Advisor: David Weaver  & Tracy Sterling

"Wheat Stem Sawfly Host Plant Assessment in Bromus inermis and Wheat"

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