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January 28th

Abdullah Alowaifeer, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisors: Tim McDermott & Brian Bothner

"Biological Cycling of Arsenic species and Mercury in Yellowstone Lake"

February 4th

Shealyn Malone, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Amy Trowbridge & David Weaver

"From Microbes to Sawflies: Multitrophic Interactions in an Agroecosystem"


Justin Gay, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Jack Brookshire

"Evaluating Biogeochemical Trade Offs of Bioenergy Crop Expansion in The Northern Great Plains" (PowerPoint Only)

February 11th

Kathe Todd- Brown, Wilfrid Laurier University

"Soil carbon dynamics in Earth system models: Math, simulations, and truth"

February 25th

Tracy Novak, Montana 4-H Center

"Middle-schoolers on a mission with STEM"

March 4th

Whendee Silver, UC Berkleley- ESPM Professor and Rudy Grah Chair

"Carbon sequestration and the climate change mitigation potential of working lands"

March 11th 

 Katie Bills Walsh, Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

"Human dimensions of coalbed methane reclamation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming"

March 25th

 Abaye Abebe, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Rob Payn

"Understanding recharge processes and their effects on groundwater storage in intermountain basins"


Kristen Oneill, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Tony Hartshorn

"Improved crop culture: How to increase water-holding capacity, soil carbon stocks, and crop yeilds simultaneously"

April 1st

Simon Fordyce, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Clain Jones & Pat Carr 

"Predicting overwinter nitrate-N changes at the subfield scale in leaching-susceptible, agricultural soils"


Mary Ellyn Dupre,  M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Fabian Menalled & Tim Seipel 

"Integrating cover crops in semi-arid production systems: Impacts on the associated biodiversity"

April 8th

Tindall Ouverson, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Fabian Menalled & Tim Seipel

"Response of soil microbial communities to cover-crop- and crop-termination treatments"


Sydney Atencio, M.S. Candidate

Advisors: Perry Miller & Mary Burrows

"Building a better lentil-competition between Fusarium pathogen species observed in the greenhouse and field"

April 15th

Scott Morford, Terra Analytics

"Rock Nitrogen: Closing the loop on a critical biogeochemical cycle"

April 22nd

Carrie Harris, Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: John Priscu

"Long term patterns in phytoplankton production in a permanently ice-covered Antarctic Lake"


Jordan Meyer-Morey, M.S. Candidate

Advisor: Lisa Rew

"Using a new herbicide, Indaziflam, to control a new invader, desert alyssum, in Yellowstone National Park"

May 8th

Tumursukh Jal, Ulaan Taiga national Park Director

"Creation of 'Ulaan Taiga' National Park in Northern Mongolian Darhad Valley and Future to Build with the Valley Community"