Credits: 2
Semester: Fall
Location: Online (One hr weekly discussion taught synchronously online)

The goals of this course are to provide a graduate level review of physical field measurementscommonlyused in environmentalmonitoring.Students will gain theoretical and practical experience in an end-to-end survey offield sciencework flow. A primary goal in training graduate students is to raise their competence in field measurements to a level where they can successfully defend the data that they collect, following the logic of derivation from fundamental principles and not simply taking published methods at face value. This requires a proper understanding of the inferences necessary to make the measurements, the potential sources of error, and the analysis needed to determine if error affects conclusions. This course is designed for entering master’s students or PhD students with limited field experience. Theoretical experience will be gained throughlecture anddiscussionbased onpeer-reviewed primary literature focused on methodology and informatics. Practical experience will be gained through field and lab exercises with commonly used dataanalysis andlogging equipment.