Available Jobs and Internships

Title Time Link Deadline
Conservation Job Board - See list of current job openings N/A https://www.conservationjobboard.com/ N/A
GIS Short Term Worker with City of Bozeman Strategic Services


$12.37 Hourly




Where to Find Internships

Organization Contact Information
ANR Group Inc. - Remediation, Department of Energy, Mission Support Alliance Aryn Stone aryns@anrgroupinc.com or www.anrinterns.com 
Montana Department of Environmental Quality Judy Stahl (406-444-4218 or jstahl@mt.gov)
Natural Resources Conservation Service Sharon Huber (406-587-6937 or sharon.huber@mt.usda.gov)
US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation 702-293-8577 or www.usbr.gov/pmts/hr/student
USDA Forest Service Harvey Hergett (406-329-3172 or hhergett@fs.fed.us)
National Parks Conservation Association www.npca.org/jobs
GIS Remote Sensing Summer Assistantship msadak@mt.gov
Kiewit - Reclamation Internship Clark Fritz (clark.fritz@kiewit.com)
USDA Forest Service - Moose Creek Wilderness Internship Suzanne Cable (208-926-8928 or scable@fs.fed.us)
The Student Conservation Association www.thesca.org/serve/internships
Conservation & Land Management Internship Program www.clminternship.org


The College of Agriculture has specific policies and procedures regarding internships.  To receive college credit, you must complete an application form and see your advisor for a restricted entry card.

Questions? Contact Nicholas Fox.

Additional resources available at the Career Center for current internship and employment postings.