Current Job Postings

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Potential Employers

LRES graduates have found work with employers such as:

Federal Government Contact Information
US Department of Interior Bureau of Reclaimation
USDA Natural Resources
USDA Forest Service
Yellowstone Nations Park Lodges Hire a Bobcat
Glacier National Park Richard Menike (406-888-7918 or
State Government Contact Information
Montana Department of Environmental Quality Judy Stahl (406-444-4218 or
Bureau of Land Management, MT
Bureau of Land Management, WY
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Idaho State Parks and Recreation
Idaho Department of Lands
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Montana Conservation Corps
Spokane County Extension
Texas AgriLife Research at Texas A&M University
Non-Government Organizations Contact Information
Mountain View Co-Op
Northwest Farm Credit
Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program 702-293-8577 or
Stillwater Mining Company 406-373-8700 or
Kiewit Mining Group, Inc.
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center (NOROCK) Paul Cross (406-994-6908 or
Yakama Nation Fisheries Program Deanna Lamebull (509-865-5121 or
NewFields Agricultural and Environmental Resources LLC
Bison Engineering, Inc. Hire a Bobcat
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment Hire a Bobcat
Hydro Solutions, Inc.
SCI Engineering Tracy Knoop Novak (406-580-7761)
The Cadmus Group, Inc. Hire a Bobcat
The Glacier Institute Hire a Bobcat
WTC, Inc. Hire a Bobcat
Consultants Contact Information
Terracon Consultants
KC Harvey Soil and Water Resources Consulting
Electrical Consultants, Inc. Hire a Bobcat
Others Contact Information
Granite Seed Company 
University of Maine
INL Environmental Surveillance, Education, and Research
Clark Fork Watershed Education Program
Career Concepts Hire a Bobcat
Dawson County, MT
Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Hire a Bobcat
Plum Creek Hire a Bobcat
Montana Natural Heritage Program
Montana Conservation Voters Hire a Bobcat
Trout Headwaters, Inc.
Northern Analytical Labs
Pine Butte Swamp Preserve, The Nature Conservatory Hire a Bobcat
Ravenwood Natural Science Center Hire a Bobcat