August 24th 

David Baumbauer, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Plant Growth Center

"Water Quality, Growing Media, and Fertilizer- Navigating the Greenhouse Bermuda Triangle"

August 31st 

Thomas Woolf, Ph.D. 

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks- AIS Bureau Chief

"Addressing Aquatic Invasive Species in Montana"

September 14th 

Mark Taper, Ph.D. 

University of Florida- Ecology

"Understanding Information Criteria: What are they really? Why are there so many? And, how to use them for scientific inference" 

September 21st 

Lovreet Shergil, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Southern Agricultural Research Station

"An IPM approach to address the multiple herbicide-resistant weed epidemic in three major U.S. field crop production regions"

September 28th 

Bryce Christiaens, Ph.D. 

Missoula County Weed District- MISC Chair

"The importance of multi-agency coordination for effective invasive species management"

October 5th 

Roland Hatzenpichler, Ph.D.

Montana State University- Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Functional activity of microbes revealed through substrate analog and stable isotope probing"

October 12th

Patrick Carr, Ph.D.

Montana State University- Central Agricultural Research Station

"Journal Publishing: Opportunities and Pitfalls"

October 26th

Kaleb Baber, M.S. candidate

Advisor:  Clain Jones, Ph.D. LRES

"LRES Graduate Presentation"

November 2nd

Lilly Sencenbaugh, M.S. candidate

Advisor:  Lisa Rew, Ph.D. LRES

"LRES Graduate Presentation"

November 9th

Hayley Oakland, Ph.D. candidate

Advisor:  Geoffrey Poole, Ph.D. LRES

"LRES Graduate Presentation"

November 16th

ENSC 499R: LRES Capstone

Instructor: Scott Powell, Ph.D. LRES

"LRES Capstone Final Presentation"


Michelle Flenniken, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

"Honey bee viruses, colony health, and antiviral defense"


Ben Colman, Ph.D.

University of Montana- Ecosystems Lab

 "Natural and manufactured nanoparticles serve as both subsidies and stressors in ecosystems"

*Former seminar schedules and recordings
  available in the Folder LRES Archives