February 1st 

Geoff Poole, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- LRES

"Seeing the Unseeable -- Blending Analogy, Metaphor, and VIsualization to Communicate Accurate Conceptual Models of Complex Systems"

February 8th

Clain Jones, Ph.D.; Bruce Maxwell, Ph.D.;

Perry Miller, Ph.D.; Adam Sigler, Ph.D.

Montana State University- LRES/Extension

"Engaging the Public in Science- Benefits and Pitfalls on the Path to Stewardship"

February 22nd  

Ricardo Lima, Ph.D. candidate

São Paulo State University- Brazil

Megan Hager, Ph.D. candidate

 MSU Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

"An Integrated Approach to Quanitfying Plant Stress for Assessing Yield Loss Potential in Wheat Stem Sawfly Infested Wheat Fields

March 1st 

Kara Hettinger, M.S. candidate 

Advisors: Perry Miller & Tim Seipel

"Integrated Weed Management of Perennial Weeds in Organic Cropping Systems"

March 8th 

Katerina Lozano, M.S. candidate 

Advisors: Robert Peterson & Dr. Daniel Tyers

"An Analysis of Summer Food Resources for the Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos horribilis, at Moth Aggregation Sites"

March 15th 

Caitlin Mitchell, Ph.D. candidate 

Advisor: Stephanie Ewing

"Where water meets soil: Nitrogen dynammics in non-irrigated agricultural landscapes"

March 22nd  

Jack Brookshire, Ph.D.; Stephanie Ewing, Ph.D.; John Priscu, Ph.D.

Montana State University- LRES

"Biogeochemical Cycles in a Changing Climate"

March 29th   

Jane Mangold, Ph.D.; Fabian Menalled, Ph.D.; Tim Seipel, Ph.D. 

Montana State University- LRES/Extension

"Challenges and Opportunities of Science Communication Through Extension"

April 5th 

Madison Foster, M.S. candidate 

Advisor: Rob Payn

"Deciphering stream signals to assess hydrologic and biogeochemical controls on stream nitrate attenuation"

*THURSDAY, April 15th 

LRES Research Colloquium 

Hosted by: LRES Graduate Student Organization

Dr. Martin Entz

University of Manitoba, Canada

"Organic agriculture deserves a place at the grown ups' table"

*keynote presentation begins at 1:59:55

April 19th

ENSC 499R: LRES Capstone

Instructor: Bill Kleindl, Ph.D. LRES

"Urbanizing Gallatin County Green Infrastructure"


*Former seminar schedules and recordings
  available in the Folder LRES Archives