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February 6th

Lewis Gordon, Environmental Defender Law Center

"The Effects of Natural Resource Projects on People, Land, and the Environment: The View from the Developing World"

For more information please visit: www.edlc.org

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February 13th

Dave Roberts, Ecology, MSU

"Terrestrial Ecosystem Unit Inventory of the Beartooth Mountains"

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February 27th

Joseph Hoover, University of New Mexico

"Evaluating spatial clustering of metal mixtures in unregulated water sources"

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March 6th

Jerry Johnson, Political Science, MSU

"Natural Resource Administration: Lessons from the Elders"

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March 20th

Jennifer Watts, Woods Hole Research Center

"Carbon Sink or Source? Northern Wetland Response to Climate Warming"

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March 27th

Kimberly Roush, M.S. Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, student

Advisor: Priscu

"Geochemical Characterization of the Sediment Core at the Grounding Zone of Whillans Ice Plain, Antarctica"

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April 3rd

Emery Three Irons, M.S. Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, student

Advisor: Powell

"Investigation of coliform contamination in private well water on the Crow Reservation"

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April 10th

 Audrey Harvey, M.S. Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, student

Advisor: Mangold

"Understanding the biology, ecology and integrated management of Ventenata dubia"

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April 17th

David Wood, Ph.D Ecology & Environmental Sciences, student

Advisor: Stoy

"Linking drivers in the Northern Great Plains: How do multi-scale process influence productivity and composition?"

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