Ph.D. in Soils, Montana State University, 1976; M.S. in Earth Science, Montana State University, 1971; B.A. in Geology, Dartmouth College, 1969. Soil genesis and classification, geomorphology, land resource inventory, holistic management-soft systems problem solving, consensus building, bioregional management, multicultural communications and problem solving, wildland landscapes, Mongolia, Japan, Northern Rocky Mountains.

Recent Publications

  • Dunkel, Florence V; Coulibaly, Keriba; Montagne, Clifford; Luong, Kyphuong; Giusti, Ada; Coulibaly, Hawa; Coulibaly, Bourama. 2013. Sustainable Integrated Malaria Management by Villagers in Collaboration with a Transformed Classroom Using the Holistic Process: Sanambele, Mali, and Montana State University, USA. American Entomologist. 59: 1, p 45-55
  • Watts, J. D., R. L. Lawrence, P. R. Miller, and C. Montagne, 2011. An estimation of soil carbon sequestration resulting from no-till, cropping intensity, and conservation reserve practices in north central Montana. Climate Change 108:301-331.
  • Barber, L. M., R. K. D. Peterson, C. Montagne, W. P. Inskeep, and J. J. Schleier III. 2009. A Dietary Risk Assessment for Indigenous Consumption of Natural Salt Deposits in the Darhad Valley, Northern Mongolia. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. 15:5, 907-922.
  • Sankey, T. S., J. B. Sankey, K. T. Weber, and C. Montagne. 2009. Geospatial assessment of grazing regime shifts and sociopolitical changes in a Mongolian rangeland. Rangeland Ecol Manage 62:522-530.
  • Watts, J. D., R. L. Lawrence, P. M. Miller, and C. Montagne. 2009. Monitoring of cropland practices for carbon sequestration purposes in north central Montana by Landsat remote sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (2009) 1843-1852.
  • McIlroy, S. K., C. Montagne, C. A. Jones, and B. L. McGlynn. 2008. Identifying linkages between land use, geomorphology, and aquatic habitat in a mixed-used watershed. Environmental Management, Volume 42, Number 5.

Current Instructional Responsibilities

  • NRSM 421/LRES 521: Holistic Thought and Management