MSU work at the Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge

Amaya Garcia-Costas

Assistant Professor of Biology

Colorado State University- Pueblo

Paul Hook, Wetland & Watershed Scientist   Ph.D. Range Science/Ecology, Colorado State University, M.S. Biology, East Carolina University B.S. Botany, University of Washington  Paul has been working in natural resource research and consulting, primarily in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming since 1988. He specializes in wetland, riparian and rangeland ecology, including research; grant writing, publication, and resource analysis. He has expertise in plant-based approaches to wastewater treatment, sediment control, and streambank stabilization; invasive plant establishment in wetlands; plant-soil relations; and quantitative methods for ecological and water resource studies. Paul worked as an assistant professor at Montana State University for 7 years before joining IMA and taught courses in wetland ecology, watershed management, and ecological monitoring. Paul has provided his expertise in statistics and scientific monitoring on numerous IMA projects and has contributed directly to research on revegetation methods for sedge wetlands, analysis of thermal impacts from pond development, design of a wetland plant nursery, completing a stormwater wetland feasibility analysis, studies of weed control and streambank bio-engineering, and designs for a wastewater wetland treatment facility.

Paul Hook

Instructor and Wetland & Watershed Scientist, Ph.D.

Roland Kroos

Instructor and Co-owner of Crossroads Ranch Consulting, Inc. 

John Long

John Long

Instructor and Assistant Professor- Northern State University, Ph.D.


Miranda Margetts

Instructor, Ph.D., M.S., LL.M., LL.B.

Cliff Montagne

Cliff Montagne

Instructor and Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

James Pritchard

Instructor and Assistant Teaching Professor, Ph.D.

   401B Linfield Hall
Gretchen Rupp

Gretchen Rupp

Instructor, M.S.

Anthony Slominski

Instructor, M.S. 
Lora Soderquist

Lora Soderquist

Instructor, M.S. 

Teresa Greenwood

John Townsend-Mehler

Instructor and Associate Teaching Professor in Liberal Studies, Ph.D. 

    2-191 Wilson Hall

Yuriko Yano

Instructor and Assistant Research Professor in Ecology, Ph.D

    119 AJM Johnson Hall 

Jennifer Watts

Instructor and Assistant Scientist- Woods Hole Research Center, Ph.D.